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2 million diagnosed diabetics
There are over two million diagnosed diabetics and maybe another half a million undiagnosed in the UK alone. The number is increasing among all ages and the growing obesity problem has seen the rise of Type 2 diabetes worldwide.

The main symptoms of diabetes are increased thirst, frequent urination especially during the night, weight loss, excessive tiredness and sometimes skin infections. It is caused by lack of the hormone insulin which regulates the level of sugar in the blood.  Without insulin the blood sugar level rises. It not treated it can damage the heart, kidneys; eyes and other organs.

Two main types of Diabetes
Type 1 (insulin-dependent diabetes) is a condition where the body produces little or no insulin. It is treated by a combination of regular daily insulin injections and a correct diet for diabetes.

Type 2, non-insulin dependent diabetes is the most common type. It develops when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin for its needs or there is a defect in its use. It can be controlled by adjusting eating habits or by a combination of tablets and diet. Type 2 is also linked to obesity.

The best thing a diabetic can do to help the condition apart from losing any excess weight is to eat a sensible healthy diet and take regular exercise.

The diet should be low in saturated fat and low in simple sugars such as sugar itself and sweets. In addition to limiting high-fat intake it is important to include plenty of complex carbohydrates such as fruit, fibre and vegetables.

Buying a recipe book for diabetes is no longer full of boring colourless recipes to follow. Today there are many books on healthy eating for diabetes. Recipes full of colour and flavour plus information on food facts and latest research info too.

Culinary Inspiration
For some culinary inspiration and exciting dishes the following healthy eating books are worth considering.

Over 100 recipes can be discovered in the colourful Dorling Kindersley Diabetes Cookbook by Diabetes UK with balancing food choices and menus that the whole family can enjoy too. You will find helpful advice on what foods help manage glucose levels and learn how to make changes in your diet for the long term.

Educational and healthy eating books like the Dorling Kindersley Diabetes Cookbook help in the well-being of everyone with diabetes. It is packed with inspirational recipes ideas, food facts and authoritative information on living with Diabetes from Diabetes UK. There is also full nutritional analysis for each recipe plus advice on planning healthy balanced meals.

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